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Daniel Bisegna, foudner of Realise Films

Daniel Bisegna

Realise the potential of video

Video is the most powerful ways to tell your story to your audience. I want to help you tell that story.

Newcastle based and full of energy, I can help you develop your video idea into something big, from promotional videos, to educational, to live streaming.

Realise Films is the solution to your video production needs in the Newcastle and surrounding area, even as far as Sydney, so if you're contemplating a video, or seeking further insight, I'd love to chat!

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GETZ Trek travel documentary - Crossing the Nullarbor Plain
GETZ Trek travel documentary - Crossing the Bass Strait to Tasmania

Video is most powerful medium for communication and storytelling. Whether you're a business looking to connect with your audience, an organisation aiming to spread awareness, or an individual with a story to share, we can help.

Video is an immersive experience that evokes emotion, captures attention, and leaves a lasting impression. In a world full of information, video cuts through the noise, delivering your message with impact and clarity. 

But Anyway at the Hamo Station

But Anyway live at the Hamilton Station hotel, filmed by Realise Films for promotional and social media video content

Newcastle on a Rainy Arvo

A small creative piece around Newcastle on a Rainy afternoon, with the addition of some colouring and sound effects

Catherine Hill Bay Pier

Informational video about the Catherine Hill Bay Pier

Wang Wangi Power Station

Learn about the history of the Wangi Wangi Power Station

Trion Ace in Newcastle Harbour

Real Estate Videos