Camera Hire

Think you have what it takes?

Hire out one of our camera kits for an affordable price!

Local camera equipment hire available in Newcastle Australia. Hire cameras, lenses, and video production accessories including microphones, tripods and monitors.

Please see the full equipment list below.

Panasonic GH5 + 12-35mm f2.8

A mighty and robust duo, the Panasonic GH5 will capture 4k footage in 10bit colour or at 60fps. Both the lens and body has stabilisation making for rock-steady shots. It has an unlimited recording time and a long-lasting battery. Additionally, it can also take quite incredible photos.

The 12-35mm lens has an equivalent zoom range to a 24-70mm lens.

See the full specs here: DPREVIEW GH5 Review

Max Resolution: 4096x2160
Max Framerate: 180fps in 1080p
Fully articulated screen

In the kit:
- GH5 Camera
- 12-35 Lens with hood (Attached)
- Smallrig Cage (Attached)
- Camera Strap (Attached)
- 2x Batteries, charger
- 1x v60 128GB SD Card
- USB C-A Cable for data transfer
- Cleaning kit
- User Manual
- Quick-start guide

Day: $60
Weekend: $100
Week: $300

While the GH5 does have auto focus, it's not known to be particularly great due to it being contrast-detection based. Please do some research on this first. We always recommend manual focus for perfect shots!

Any additional equipment may only be hired in addition to the GH5 kit.
Please get in touch if you need a standalone hire.

Panasonic 45-150 Telephoto Lens

Need more zoom? This got zoom. This lens has an equivalent zoom range to a 90-300mm. The built-in stabilisation combined with the GH5 in-body stabilisation makes for very steady shots, even handheld.

See the full specs: Digital Camera World

- 45-150mm (90-300mm full frame equiv.)
- f4-f5.6 aperture
- Electronic focus ring
- Very lightweight and compact
- Has a lens hood

Day: +$20
Weekend: +$35
Week: +$70

Olympus 12-50mm EZ Servo-zoom and remote

This lens has a selectable manual zoom, or motorised servo zoom for smooth zooming shots. Additionally, it has a macro option for extreme close up shooting. It also comes with a wired remote which can be attached to a tripod handle for operating the zoom remotely.

See the full specs: DPREVIEW Olympus 12-50

- 12-50mm (24-100mm full frame equiv.)
- Macro mode
- Manual or servo operated zoom modes
- f3.5-f6.3 aperture
- 2 servo zoom speeds
- Remote with record start-stop button

Day: +$20
Weekend: +$35
Week: +$70

Viltrox EF Lens to MFT mount Adapter

This nifty little mount allows you to attach a Canon EF-mount lens to the GH5. It also allows data communication between the lens and body for auto focus on many (but not all) lenses, and allowing the aperture to be changed too.

More information: DPREVIEW forum post

- Compatible with EF or flange-less EF-S lenses
- Has an aperture adjustment switch built-in
- Increases the theoretical aperture of the lens (Eg. f2.8 becomes F2)

Day: +$20
Weekend: +$35
Week: +$70

While the GH5 does have auto focus, it's not known to be particularly great due to it being contrast-detection based. Please do some research on this first. We always recommend manual focus for perfect shots!

Benro S4Pro fluid video head and aluminium tripod

Need a steady shot, use a tripod! This combo is a Benro S4Pro fluid tripod head mounted on a lightweight aluminum Orion Tritech II tripod.

Benro S4Pro info: digiDirect
Orion Tritech II info: User manual

- 4kg payload
- 2 counterbalance options
- pan and tilt lockable
- Adjustable arm

Day: +$10
Weekend: +$20
Week: +$60

Feelworld F6 Plus Video Monitor

Sometimes the built-in screen on your camera is just not enough. If you need to accurately focus, see additional colour or exposure info, preview LUTs or just need a bigger picture, you need an external monitor.

This monitor is powered by either Canon LP-E6 or Sony LP Battery, 12v in, or USB-C 5V in. It has 4k input support, display resolution is FullHD

Product Page: Feelworld F6 Plus

- 5.5" LDC touchscreen.
- HDMI input
- 500cd/m²  brightness
- Comes with a Sony battery and a charger (Approx 3h runtime)
- Comes with a Smallrig Magic Arm for mounting.

Day: +$30
Weekend: +$50
Week: +$100

Rode VideoMicro

Small but mighty, the Rode Videomicro will sound a lot better than the built-in microphone on almost any camera. It's small size means it fits well on a DSLR or Mirrorless camera, and doesn't get in the way when shooting. It comes with a removable deadcat to block wind, and connects to the camera with a 3.5mm plug.

More info: Rode product page

- Cardioid pickup pattern
- Hotshoe anti-vibration mount
- Condenser microphone
- No additional power required

Day: +$10
Weekend: +$20
Week: +$40

Rode Stereo Video Microphone

Need to step up your audio game? The Rode Stereo Video mic is here to help. It's powered by a 9v battery, and captures stereo audio straight into your camera. Toggles on the back allow for a db reduction, or a highpass filter. It comes with a deadcat for wind noise reduction and mounts via a hotshoe mount.

More info: BHphoto product page

- 3.5mm camera connection
- Toggle switches for db and highpass
- Deadcat for wind reduction
- Stereo recording
- Condenser Mic
- Powered with an internal 9v battery

Day: +$20
Weekend: +$30
Week: +$60

Smallrig Top and Side Handles

If you're planning on shooting handheld, additonal handles are almost essential to maintaining proper and steady grip on your camera. These handles mount to the Smallrig cage on the GH5 via thumbscrews and allen keys. They have textured rubber grips for easier handling.

Day: +$5
Weekend: +$10
Week: +$30

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